Japanese tutor features
Life education   in Japan best reflected in family education: life education in gifted education, helping children with life, rather than pay attention to "how to make the kids initiative" educational philosophy. Starting from kindergarten, parents guide children dig up sweet potatoes, Curry, making costumes, to the nearby agricultural parks Woods, picking up pine cones, so as to nurture their children's lives and healthy personality.
Attention to etiquette education   Japan attaches great importance to children's etiquette education in family education. Mother didn't get to tell their children to eat, children cannot eat by themselves. Children eat, must know "it won't." Children or home has a set of rules: children whenever I go out to tell mother and father say "I'm leaving"; to say every time you walked out "I'm back". Japan child civility has become their habit.
Emphasis on self-reliance education   Japan child family a child independent, self-reliant spirit, most families require children to do household chores, meals before and after cooking, wash Bowl; let children to tidy up his room and things around; let your child go shopping and so on.
Emphasis on frustration education   Japan kids walking wrestling parents encouraging children, older children frustrated, their parents encouraged them to overcome difficulties. In Japan, students wear shorts in winter, and some children's leg was blue with cold, not distressed but support of parents encourage their children to do.
Emphasizing the education of innovation   Japan education from an early age develop children's curiosity and sense of adventure. Encourage your child to ask questions and have independent ideas, opinions. Parents often take their kids to the Science Museum to visit, encourage children to the community library, borrow books, and participate in a variety of innovative games, develop children's imagination. Meanwhile, Japan attached great importance to the cultivation of practical abilities of their children parents.

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