Boy, you are a tree hung adult wish tree
Dance competition, guzheng grading, talent show ... ... Media reports in recent days: a five-grade primary school students in Nanjing since the first stage from the age of three, participating in various shows and competitions have not baichang, "armed with" various certificate 44. His father said: "we don't want to lose any chance of a child can get exercise, because each certificate obtained for children will be touched, believe that children will appreciate our efforts. "
Smart people, starting from the fetus has not left the mother, had designed the blueprint for life. Others into focus, my children cannot enter normal; on the other, how can my children nothing but "123"; others biting language, my children will be "ABC" ... ... Many parents "don't let your children on the starting line," whether he likes it or not, like it or not, prematurely reported various interest classes, specialty classes for children. School children have just put down heavy bags, and to all kinds of classes. Young couples led the children crowded the car along, asking for money, catch, "fair", which has become familiar in "landscape".
So, "interest classes" to learn what?, according to the survey in elementary school 1-3 grade students, "interest classes" of students interested in the course but one-third, most children are parents coaxed or forced to learn. The course, only parents of "interest". Facing reporters, the children said: "parents ' interest was my interest. "I want most now is the level, level or even give an explanation to the parents. "" The subject is my mother pick, mother says the listener is a good kid. "
There is such a thing: a Chinese woman took the children to France travel. One day, she and the children to France as a guest with friends, friendly hostess said after a ceremonial welcome to guests, asked Chinese guests something to drink? Guests in traditional Chinese habit replied: "whatever. "Turn to, the hostess asked what children drink, not, replied the child, the child's mother stole:" leave him alone, I drink, and what he's drinking. "France said of the hostess did not understand the sentence:" let the child choose. "However, the mother of stubborn says no need to give children a choice, end child followed the mother's arrangements.
Writer Feng jicai said he once in Iowa Park, saw a woman holding a hooded jacket with a 4 year old little girl, anxious and serious, says all the time. Last heard, the dress is green on one side, one side is red, she is red outside to the child a decision or the green one out, she does not decide for the child, this is the child's own. Then the little girl decided to wear red, and two people went away happy.
Rousseau has humorously "teach" us: "do you want children to be a moron? Only one way: endless care for him. "Parents replace everything for their children, don't give them their own independent choices and to act on our own space and the stage, and eventually let the children grow up unable to find self, lives in the shadow of parents, which is really kind of sad. In fact, every child has its own rich psychological world, along with his own experiences, permeated with his personality and style. Adults cannot own or temporal logic to direct children to start a dialogue and communication, let the children learn to sort out and express their views, learn to listen and understand the ideas of others, learn to accept each other, appreciate, debate, sharing and solidarity. Because learning is not only putting the knowledge into the minds of learners, is more important to analyze the problem and thinking, so as to put your knowledge into their own "knowledge" into their "opinion", his "thoughts". Pursuit of perfect personality and mind stretching is our highest level of education. A happy boy, wanted to say not, dare not, premature progressively fixed on the adult mind, their hearts are closed, how to open and unknown, innovations in the future?
It is said that the United Nations poses a problem for children all over the world: "the food shortage problem for other countries, please talk about your views? "No one can answer my question.
Because, after reading the topic, African children do not know what "food"; Europe's children don't know what "shortage"; children in Latin America don't know what a "please"; United States that children don't know what "others" ... ... Children of China? They do not know what "own opinion".
--I really hope this is just a joke.

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