Beijing rose early the four monsters
Cancel a written certificate as "sill"
"To the admissions site only to find the child's certificate is too small. "Lee throughout the" 51 "long vacation busy helping son school in grade six. Chaoyang District, only she was shuttled to fullness Chen Chaoyang foreign language school and middle school campuses to participate in consultation. Several years ago, she began to consider a child's small rise early problems. But some parents hug students, public English test system level (same as college English level) certificate and diploma, she regretted his "awareness" is too late. "I used to think that to develop children's study habits and the most important. "Lee deeply confused even the original decision, when someone has introduced her" Gunners "help your child take the card, but she refused. Although the head of the Municipal Education Commission said before, all kinds of certificates shall not be linked to early and rose, but as the junior high school enrollment cancelled the written test, many middle school and junior high school enrollment of certificates as quietly first "threshold." "Up early admissions have two lines, one dark. "The Haidian District, a well-known high school principals said the certification is" invisible ", student evaluation manual and the interview is" open ".
Rose interview offer training courses "interview every teacher in the eye. When you opened the door, don't forget to say hello to the teacher, if there are only two chairs, children to parents, to ask the teacher if you can sit still; children's posture, posture is also important; answering questions with a humble smile, eyes teacher, attention to detail, leave don't forget to say goodbye. "In this city, a well-known early junior high website parent community, who successfully passed the interview of three sails in the West Middle School parents teach this kind of interview experience. This reporter has learned, recently, some social institutions specifically for rose interview training courses, who participated in the training of parents, usually to a child's learning and living habits don't pay much attention, and now have to get training, such as walking, polite, "at least during the interview to impress the teacher. "However, some parents and teachers interviewed said such details show picked Justice of the person approach is open to question.
Principal overall in "remember"
"Up early? I now want to say, please, don't interview me about it. "A few days ago a reform school principal when he received calls from reporters, Xicheng District admits he fears will lead to overtime worked so hard to get out of the recent admissions programme for" yellow ". Entering May, not a high school principal in avoided reporters. Recently, this reporter to call over more than 10 secondary school principals know rose early, two of them did not connect, 6 principals said declined to be interviewed or evasive. Even principals interviewed requirements do not disclose names and name. "Rose is currently the biggest concern to the community at the beginning of the test, but it was hovering between actions, and not action. "A district enrollment in the City Center said that the Board Exam are not allowed, schools need good students, putting great pressure on many school principals, so this time they faced the media's low profile and" panicked ".
"Sliver" increased faster "every day looking for school leaders to intercede, and ditiaozi are many. "A high school vice principal, Haidian District, not only parents on the run, and interceded with the trustee, but also damage the culture of education. City Board of education staff, who asked not to be named said that compared with previous years, rose early this year marked increase in demand for school choice, a clear sign is "cops" is advancing rapidly.

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