Why she feared falling
Eiko high school girls usually work hard, scores are slightly above average in the class, also has the potential to be tapped. Recently, she was not only upset, depressed and shy away from students, grades are significantly regressed.
Teacher talk to her, Eiko said recently while doing homework, I do not know why, always afraid of textbooks and exercise books on the desk will fall to the ground; sometimes she even thought they really came down, couldn't help but reach out to answer; but, in fact, right there lying on the table. This situation repeated, not only interferes with her focus on homework, and that she was very nervous: "what is wrong with me?" Counseling experts answer the teacher's question: yingzi score volatility problem is not in itself, but rather force psychology, psychology calls "obsessive compulsive disorder". Getting to new sources, the British must have made it difficult for her to accept things in life, and she had a deep sense of insecurity.
"How shall I say?" Yingzi at first hesitant, because troubled her parents ' marriage crisis. "My parents were high school at the same table. Have heard their noise before, but had never seen them really cool. But after her mother became General Manager, the situation is quite different. "Britain and mother of the child has been living out busy at work, at home, either fall asleep or calling the ... ... About the same time, father became very preachy, he kept cursing the world turned upside down – woman boss made androgynous but not. Soon, British children find their parents between a real rift between them less and less. Mother has become secretive, call either close or into the toilet. First mother "flies" away, her dad was busy combing her hair shaved, tie up clothes and ran out.
Now, we have been able to understand, the British force, is about parents ' marital crisis concerns what the evolution of form, and hence anxiety into a disease. Yingzi always feel that things are on the table to fall down, so from time to time, use your hands to pick up, her expression a subconscious hope that parents desire for relations.
So the question boils down to the parents of the British problem. Yingzi parents should be aware of their harm to the child as soon as possible to make up for, while helping her daughter realized the causes of obsessive compulsive disorder, to face my problems can gradually eliminate insecurity. And let the children understand, parents their emotional problems children difficult to plug the overhand. Parents even if separated, and undiminished love for their children and by the same token, children love their parents, will not fade. If the parents to tell them honestly the fact that parents might divorce. Let her mentally to prepare, then repeatedly troubled the British "worry" will reduce or even die.

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