Parents of new distance learning popular
The new school, Eddy Chan, anfeng, Dongtai, Jiangsu middle school student parents from Canton hurry home and work, they said: "this year must send their children to report to school in person, when facing the school and teacher to say thank you for their parents by correspondence school to inform us in a timely manner a child in school, how we" remote control "teaching children. Thanks to timely help schools and teachers, our children addicted to Internet lead to decreased learning, save the children, no matter how busy and tired, correspondence schools for parents, we must insist on this, on the one hand we can learn some good ways to tutor, while insisting, but also set an example to the child. "
Parents school is school, and social, and family of close combined points, years, Dongtai anfeng middle school attention do good parents school, full using parents school this carrier, close parents and school of contact, to parents widely publicity national of education approach policy and strengthening and improved minor people thought moral construction of major significance, taught family knowledge, help parents improved education method, improve family education quality and effectiveness, for foster "four has" new, full improve youth students of quality, Play a due role in family education. But as students from various towns in the city, the family scattered, many parents often defies normal school to the parents ' school. In order to resolve this contradiction, groping after several years of practice, the school out of a self-made parents school textbooks and teaching new ways of running.
For guarantee parents school correspondence teaching of normal carried out, they in regularly face-to-face teaching of based Shang, full established correspondence students student management system, for each bit correspondence students established student card, card within except records parents name, and gender, and age, and education, basic information outside, also will parents are on children of training target, and requirements, and parents students are each semester of in school learning situation for detailed records. On the teaching methods, their textbooks and regularly feed issued to parents, by parents according to their specific circumstances, flexibility and power to master the learning time, and learning experiences within a specified time, as well as recommendations on education, timely feedback to the parents. Parents school textbooks will cover a wide range, keep up with the times, tight close to students, involving patriotism, network education, compliance and so on all aspects of home education, strong readability, learnability, and maneuverability.
Anfeng secondary schools run by special correspondence schools for parents, because of breaks through the limits of time and space, making up for the shortage of parents face, generally welcomed by students ' parents, have achieved significant education effect. Many parents said: "we should not allow the busy running off, and forget to care about educating our own children and their healthy development is the most important!
Correspondence schools for parents is the best of our alma mater, we never get a graduation certificate. ”

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