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Life singer who grew up in the classroom – alley Mingshui in Heilongjiang province, the first secondary school, there is a multi-talented pupil called Han Yingzi, she is only 9 years old, but in Mingshui County is already quite well known "little singers". In last year's new selection of China Youth art contest, who won the honor in her hometown, won the children's group gold medal. Who turned 9 years old birthday Han Yingzi, looks sweet, a talking eyes carrying too much in life, than children of the same age makes her look quiet, sensible – born in 1995, Han Yingzi, two years old when her parents divorced. Since then, she and his elderly grandfather and grandmother lived. Three distinct by Grandpa meagre 206 Yuan a month pension to live on. Han Yingzi premature taste of life difficult, also noticed her hard work. Starting from at the age of 6, Grandma's help, Xiao Ying Zi, learned household, like an adult-like pile of bedding, cleaning, cooking, dishes washing clothes, sewing.
In the face of Han Yingzi, Grandma is always strong, in the face of this impoverished, sick husband, granddaughter of knowledge, she used her own power, doggedly supporting this family. In order to maintain life, not abandoned children's education. Fall, Grandma with a rake to walk out of potatoes on the other potatoes, for a winter consumption; in winter, Grandma got up early in the morning, holding furnace hook-and-bamboo basket out picking cinders acquaintances see a joke, she wore a wool hat and a face mask. One winter, Grandma save family spent more than 500 million. My grandmother often said to Han Yingzi in earnest, "the boy, from you to lay a solid foundation. No matter how hard it is, you have to study well. First of all, you always wanted to be good, be a worthy granddaughter. Promise you, is the greatest honor to grandma! "
Every day after school, silly little child to finish homework, then began to help Grandma in the House, she has truly become the family's "little master".
Han Yingzi is a talented talented girl, who likes performance. Difficult family circumstances, does not overwhelm the Han Yingzi artistic ability. Age 3 years, she showed great ability to imitate, just heard the song she'll dance and sing along. The songs you hear, see sketches, she mimicked. Age 7 years, Xiao Ying Zi represents the first elementary school for the first time took to the stage of Arts Festival organised by the County, she dressed in beautiful costumes, action, song but scorers on the yellow list, and won the audience's applause. From then on, she sent and received, and she was closely connected with music and art. Classes, school performances, Han Yingzi does not fall, and until now, we don't know how many songs she will sing.
In order to further improve their level, inspired by Grandma, she reached an agreement with neighbors: they provide DVD players and discs, every day after school, a small child came here to learn to sing. On condition that, after completion, this must be performed again.

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