Habit from staying up late to watch
Happy hearts habit from staying up late to see if in two days, you're going to take the exam, you try very hard to stay up late reading. However, Sandman continued harassment, then how would you g strong sleepiness?
1. take a NAP first, later to go on reading.
2. play music to listen to and sing along to read.
3. eating instant noodles, snacks, snacks.
Option 1, you are a man of extremes, they are not totally surrendered, is to add enough horsepower and hard work in the end. However, with optimistic and self-confident personality is the beginning of success.
Option 2, for worldly things, you're used to with an optimistic and simple mind to face. But in a complex social lives, relationships tend to make you the most trouble.
Select 3, your ability to adapt to the realities of a very strong, have superior judgement, I believe you can make a good performance on the job.

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