Indecisive followers
Growing stations indecisive followers and such a thing happened. One logger logging while felling trees broke under the thigh, bleeding. He knew that, if we don't pressure her thighs in the trees removed, let the blood flow will be bled to death. He will be on the leg with a chainsaw sawed the tree removed, but how to reach their goal. Do? in desperation he decided, his leg with a chainsaw sawed. The result? leg lost, but life was saved.
"The horns, no mess. "The loggers have decisive was a valuable character. However, in real life there are a lot of people due to lack of quality in all the critical moments hesitation, procrastination, indecision, to miss the golden opportunity of success and ended in failure.
So, what makes those indecisive?
This is because such people of things, conscious, active on the lack of a positive attitude, they choose to Act purposes, don't know the significance of it, nor is it clear the possible consequences, often worry about the outcome.
Indecisive people of things, usually fails to give thoughtful consideration to their work. It is hard to imagine, a man is always an unwelcome intruder is leap to what can have the decisive quality. In addition, lack of independence, self-confidence, and cannot appear in a critical manner in front of others.
As for those things, for the lack of global understanding and judgment, not the situation, unable to grasp issues purpose the key people, their actions lack the qualities of wisdom, not to act rashly was hesitant, they simply cannot have the potential of success--the decisive and courageous.
Indecision is the enemy of success, it loses many opportunities for success.
In General, people who want to make a difference is not going to hesitate. This type of person life as life, always things you want to do something good for our community, always wanted to develop better, and not afraid of difficulties, brave, difficult and arduous thing to decisively fight a fight, to give it a try, this person is not lying on the bed of roses sitting in ready-made solution.
Selfless people are not hesitant. The new canton of hen Wen says it well: "be swayed by narrow anterior, selfless world wide. "If a people consider problem are is from I starting, from himself of Fame starting, so, he processing problem Shi, must pre-session fear Tiger, and scared Wolf, in decision Shi, total thought that terrible of consequences, total thought if occurred accident on himself of future of effect, a a people if total in such of position, in take decided Shi must is hesitated of, delay Xia can't determination of, and often is made decided zhihou is and back of.
Knowledge is not hesitant. Our sages have said a famous saying: "indecision is based on ignorance. "As decisive and decisive is what? is one of the issues is not comprehensive, the understanding of the situation is impressive, problem-solving skills are not complete, in a Word. A decisive person with ordinary people, he also has a complex, intense ideological struggle, also opposing motives and intense emotions, however, because his determination was backed up by knowledge, so this decision is rational, is not synonymous with arbitrary, more than a random act of indiscretion. Please remember this word: backed by scientific knowledge of reason are not deceptive.

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