The opportunity to give the child love
On my birthday, my daughter came back from school, cheerfully sent me a present--beautiful bells. It suddenly struck me; blame this time my daughter came home from school, always hungry, had to save money to buy me gifts. I am a little angry, shouted at her;  "who told you to buy these things for me, take away, I don't feel like it!" Daughter probably wouldn't dream of never thought I would have such a result, somewhat stunned, then tears welled up again, cried and ran back to his room.
I have problems sleeping at night, I regret: her daughter's body, never thought her daughter was injured, I failed to live up to his daughter's love. So the next morning, I solemnly apologized to his daughter, and respectfully accepted daughter gift, daughter finally gave a happy smile on her face.
Little bells, is worth the money, but it represents the child's loving! this love is tender, you nurture it, it will grow: you hit it, it withers, and even death. However, see now, has how many a young of parents will with I as, only know for children selfless to dedication with himself of love, and not know accept children to himself of love does? are said now of children indifference, not knows care others, but in family in, we do parents of to had they Shi love of opportunities did? son as treasure of parents are, often in has no intention of among snubbed has children of love, over, children of love world how can not by hot variable cold, and variable deserted, and variable indifference?
Love is one of the baskets, Pack is satisfaction, take out is the sense of accomplishment, a sense of happiness. Well, you think you have a love child? please accept the children you love!

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