Parents, we are all educators
"Jingle ... ..." parent sincere voice coming from the end of the telephone, "the teacher, my child to you, he does not listen, you fix him is, we headed long without justifying. "At first, I was moved by, parents trust the teachers, also attached great importance on children's growth. Cold and meditation, can not help but feel a little depressed, children's education is only for schools, teachers do? I really want to say: parents and friends actually like you and teachers, are educators. Children from the womb to start, under the influence of family, parents say and do all the infected child, family relationships and culture plays a huge role on children's growth, parents you are in fact a great educator. Schools, teachers are faced with dozens of pairs and more than more than 100 pairs of eyes full of wisdom, can really act in the face of every student. Parents, how can you over all child teacher?
"You clean up he is, I'm not justifying it. "Education is the interaction of hearts people, rather than a head-on shot the ball. Does not meet the requirements, pack up his, this is not education, but corporal punishment is contrary to the principles of education. Parents, in fact, teach children, your greater responsibility, you are only responsible for the child's life, to be able to walk into the child's mind, when a child is rebellious, and gave him a light beacon; in the child confused, give him a little help when the child fails, give him confidence, let him succeed ... ... Parents and teachers like you, are educators, if you put all the responsibility on the child's education to the schools, teachers, and that your family is a failure. Analysis, find new balance, maintain a sense of normalcy, with a loving, holding the patient, understand them, and children, to children's growth and learning, kids running, and teacher together to ignite the light of hope, the parent is a qualified parents.

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