Show child than the parent's capital
School midterm exam that day, at noon, a colleague couldn't wait to call home and asked how children got in the morning.
When a child learns that feel good, colleagues of pleasure was indescribable. My colleague young grades are really good, and he likes to show their children's academic achievement as the capital. But once the baby is a little backward, colleagues will feel nervous, frustrated or irritable temper. Once children ranked behind in test scores, grade 10, half-joking, he said: "the exam fell 10, behind 10, I'd have to jump. "The impact of the ups and downs of kids for my colleagues we don't have to worry too much because he was a teacher, after all, jumping from just saying. Such sentiment is driven by words and deeds that he will definitely adversely affect children. What we really worry about is, if they where an exam really accidentally took a nose dive, jump off a bridge who would be?
For now, the bragging rights of the child is not a minority of parents, a lot of parents don't realize the ideal always want their children to achieve. They send their children into elite colleges, want their children to obtain a prestigious University; sending children to learn poetry and painting, I wish their several ranks, and proudly boasted in front. In fact, parents proud is a normal thing for their kids, but it must be smarter, not because of their extravagant bring unnecessary pressure. Parents if the mentality does not adjust well once the child's performance did not meet their standards, their children and feel ashamed to, changing emotions of parents will have more severe consequences on children and their mental development.
Children should be completely independent of the parents ' personal life, they do not belong to the parents, nor can make parents around, showing off the tool. Children need parents to help them grow up healthy, needing encouragement when parents give them confidence when you need to keep pushing, parent as a reminder to them; in times of need guidance, point the way to their parents. To show children as the capital, it will certainly become a major stumbling block for children.

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