Don't erase with an eraser children's self-confidence
This is a story between mother and child in a soft metal into steel.
This mother on like all of mother as love she of children, but she always not understand why son has been is inferiority, in others before has been hanging with head, forever only will said: mother, I not! she has been asked I This outsider what why will such, until one day she to I tells has she and son Zhijian occurred of a small, only let I this next views who real of "clear" has a back. I let out a gasp: you use a small piece of rubber to erase your son's confident!
Here's the thing: school mathematics classes, try mother holding the child also took classes, was unexpected by her is lukewarm to everything son interested in mathematics, each can be completed in under 10 minutes of homework, and the accuracy rate is very high. Soon, however, great changes have taken place. One son said to her: "mother. I don't want to do math homework! " Original in do job Shi was son early completed has job in the digital of line and pictures and digital Zhijian of paired line, but mother in check Shi found children even of line crooked, enough smooth clean, on requirements children erased heavy do, first times erased Hou children again even, but second times mother and not satisfaction, and to children erased, children Board reluctantly song to again even, every now and then lift head see mother eye in the whether flow show satisfaction of eyes, once once. 10 minutes of homework in the mother again and again with an eraser wiping process goes on, for more than an hour later, children from their own company, under MOM's supervision of connections, cautiously for fear of being mother to erase, to the development and said to his mother: "MOM, I'm not even", and didn't want to do the job. Original children's self-confidence is Eraser brings the disappearance of the mother.
Children are the future of our country, parents ' hopes. In the family, parents, without exception, for their children to be considered in the future and expectations. Expect the child did well, College and success in the future; expect children, business-minded, you can earn a lot of money in the future; expect children to athletic, you can record, the world champion in the future; expect children only happy, peaceful life also ... ... In many cases, parents ' earnest expectations turn into children up ahead of the force.
Sometimes high expectations into their children shoulder the heavy pressure.
Mother is the criticism more than encourage the children in the story. She did not know everyone, young or young long likes to listen to "good", that is, language of praise and encouragement. Her children have more restrictions than trust. Children are constantly growing, what you can do today, tomorrow will be able to do. Adults should help children do not replace. Parent's responsibility is to continually discover the child's ability to do things, cultivate children's ability to do things. When the child's ability to feel more and more strongly when he more and more contact with the outside world, more and more self-confident initiative. Negative type and limit type of parenting styles on children unduly limited, decision control children's behaviour in parents ' hands, children can not make their own decisions, a lack of ability to interact with peers, becomes more and more dependence on their parents, leaving parents are at a loss, he would increasingly feel unsure. It's a parent's expectations and reality gap.

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