Carefully chosen tutor software
For many learning needs to buy computers for their children's families, faced with an overwhelming variety of tutoring software, how to buy let the children learn both practical, and let them learn the science of software?
Type of tutor software currently on the market, there are three main types: first class was software prepared strictly according to the syllabus and textbooks, a book is a set of software, its pertinence and practicality are relatively strong, the equivalent of a company at any time on the side of the tutor. Are organized by the teaching of the second kind of test bank software, through a large number of exercises, deepening his knowledge of memory and understanding, they also include the types of analysis and explanation. This type is a bit like practice or simulation quizzes after class. The third class is a comprehensive tutor software, such software knowledge and entertainment for a whole, entertaining way so that consumer knowledge to learn in a more relaxed environment.
Home software prices are broadly divided into 3 grades: 1, cheap: about 50 each; 2, medium type: price below 100 Yuan and 300 yuan; 3, high-end: prices of more than 800 Yuan ~900 even thousands.
When users select tutor software, should be available, affordable, well known and good service these areas come to mind. If your child needs a tutor, you should choose according to the arrangement of the book software, if you believe that children need more support and improve, you should subject library software. Would also like to remind you that "when you purchase the software, be sure to identify genuine, otherwise you will like some of the others reference books, misleading the children's education.

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