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To develop children's sense of national pride
Again, I'll call a Chinese class students for some reason, the end coming from the microphone is English (according to her mother, the daughter usually are reluctant to speak in Chinese at home). I can't help but say the students: "you can speak Chinese, why I speak English? "" I don't like to1 (I don't feel like it! ) "But you are a Chinese, the best Chinese teachers speak Chinese to me. "The middle school girls still strike reversed-lip in English:" it is in the United States, should speak English more than 1 such parents, teachers speak Chinese, children should be based on the phenomenon of English in the United States are not uncommon. My daughter was born in the country, after the kindergarten can speak a little English, said Chinese also declined at home with us for a while, also argued: "I'm an American, you Chinese 1 and she envied the American curly fair hair, felt his straight black hair does not look good.
Such behavior is a sign of ignorance of young children, of course, but humans are social animals, regardless of where most people always wanted to be accepted by society, able to blend with the surrounding environment. In the United States, these yellow-skinned "descendants of the Dragon" to be accepted by its smaller partner, do not have English as a medium, is impossible. But being recognized and accepted does not mean to "shovel dig must net" original root. One person who won't admit who you are, will you gain true respect of others? This reasoning may be young children do not understand, this requires the guidance of parents and teachers. In China, people always compare teachers to "teach" the gardener, called parents as their children's first teachers. I think, in some cases, the "education" rather than "teaching" was much more difficult, much more important.
From the home anyway, or to start from their children. I use Chinese books brought from home, such as why the 100,000, the story, the children's knowledge and so on, she said China's four great inventions, told her that China was one of the first four great ancient civilizations in the world, its long history than the United States to be much longer, even many Americans learn and study Chinese. In short, ways in a variety of ways, tip of the day to go to her small head filling some Chinese "rice water". At home, said this was not enough, also let her and her children "looked up" rightfully proud of being Chinese. So I just use their brains and come up with a variety of ways. Daughter Shang kindergarten Shi, I with she of teacher contact, with has some China of performances clothing, to she of class Shang for all of children told China of culture and Festival, and spot wear Shang these beautiful of clothing for they performances China dance, also taught children are some simple of action, makes including daughter zainei of colored skin of kid are surprised, and envy, and excited have very. After the girl went to a primary school, almost a year before and after the Chinese new year, I have to do some activities in her school. For a year, even with parents and school music teacher in hand, made a "China week", you not only about teaching Chinese culture and art, and also had some Chinese friends, together with the daughter had learned some Chinese dance, together with the teachers and their friends and relatives organized a Chinese dance performances, is really the school was "up" a bit. Afterwards, the principal of the school was cheerfully said to me: "you made my school Chinese Theatre! So many students after class in your red silk dance crazy there. "I think is more interesting is that the daughter in high school, and thus became a" celebrity ". Sometimes I went to school when she saw some kids around, chasing her, shouting her name. Looked the proud proud of her looks, I think my "efforts" have not been in vain. After that, she rarely protest for learning Chinese again. Ask her what clothes are best, she said it was "Uncle red cheongsam from Guangzhou". This semester her class to do about Egypt's study, she said come back to me one day: "MOM, I wish the teacher would let us do research in China. "" Why? " "Because I am Chinese. "The little guy but think I asked surprised.

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