Family common sense

Recognition of punishment
Remember when I'm reading, Dermatology teacher said to us: "less bathing with SOAP because SOAP can damage protective layer of sebum, the skin barrier, remove the skin. "Surgical teacher said to us in class:" washing bath with SOAP, so that we can effectively cleanse your skin to avoid bacterial infections. "
Two teachers are all doctors, speaks for a reason, but because they are made from the point of view of this subject, and said that one should wash with SOAP, SOAP is another saying right.
Different point of view, the result is different. As a listener then according to your own situation to determine who I should listen to. If you remove the skin, it might as well listen to dermatologist; if you are frequently in touch with something were contaminated with bacteria, then you may wish to listen to the surgeon.
Advanced educational concepts a lot now, Zhou Hong, promoting education, and now it is suggested that setbacks education for child, parents often do not know how to grasp. Education is Zhou Hong for his deaf daughter, and the frustration is expert for now to only children spoiled. As our parents, according to the specific circumstances of their children to grasp. So-called appreciation due punishment.

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