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Child four souls in need
The child's mind is a net with no impurities, no lies, no cheating, all straight, their behavior is based on trying to meet certain simple need. But if MOM and Dad for their lack of sensitivity, it may cause undesirable behavior problems, such as careful consideration of the following four points, it may help you to understand their psychology. Psychologists, every child has the following four psychological needs:
1. a parent's love and care, 2. to be accepted, respected, 3. be appreciated by others; 4. status at home.
Some children might benefit from good behavior, to please the parents appreciated for their psychological needs; but some of the children could not do this. When psychological needs are not met, will be with inappropriate behavior as compensation.
First four kinds of inappropriate behavior: to attract attention. Children need to get parents ' attention before they feel ignored by their parents. And when children can't get parents ' attention from good behavior, will use the wrong behavior to achieve the ends.
Second: striving for power. Like adults, children feel that they are important, and need to be respected and accepted. When children feel their parents ' power to control their own, and would have to fight to assert their power. Parent is the exercise of authority, the child's greater resistance.
Third: revenge. Children are competing for power in the process of with their parents, are often the losers; then switch to acts of revenge to stab the heart of parents. Children think parents know he's important.
The fourth kind: desperation. When a child feels worthless, even of confrontation and revenge courage lose, is through to his inability to escape the requirement.
Overprotected child, compassion, control and domination, is an act of disrespect. Responsible parents should be friendly and serious attitude, give children freedom of choice, and let the child experience the result of this choice.

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