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Parents punish their children eight phases
Extreme sex abuse is punished, appropriate, timely science penalties to deterrent effects on children, along with the popularization of the knowledge of family education, "teaching lenient sentence" has become the consensus of the majority of parents. In people's subconscious, the punishment is synonymous with abuse, often seen in the press a few parents of young children to stand, made to kneel, and hungry and even reports of child abuse death penalty, these parents to punish lack of understanding and grasp.
Educational psychologists believe that punishing ways; abuse is just one of a kind, was punished for extreme sex. Misuse, abuse of punishment that is not responsibly for the child's physical and mental violence, it would increase the child's rebellious, over time would punish failure, leading to the eventual "uncontrollable children" and that appropriate and timely scientific penalties have deterrent effects on children, encouraged kids to correct their mistakes, and of receiving penalties teaching assistant, to be imposed in lieu of teaching effect.
So the punishment is an art tutor, punishment can achieve the desired results, the key is whether parents can use.
Study 1: punishment of "penalty" appropriate punishment is a natural transformation of benign to cause the child, then the punishment of "punishment" must be in line with the child's behavior.
Over-punished confrontation likely to cause the child emotional, too light and not enough to make the child a lesson. So the punishment should be based on the principle of purpose, neither light nor a molehill abuse "penalty".
Expert tips, we have an experience in daily life, the vast majority of children and parents need to use their speech or action to the child expressed dissatisfaction with a little even if it is extremely small, the child will think it is a punishment for his mistake, to consciously correct the mistakes. Educational psychology, including direct and indirect criticism. Winked to the child, for his actions to restrict, confiscation of his toys are the means and methods of punishment.
Study 2: specify "way out" unequivocal punishment should not stop halfway, request specific error response to punish their children to stop.
Clear the parents, telling children what should he do, what requirements or standards, or what the consequences. If children have the habit of littering, love finishing, parents punish should make his own Pack, sort toys. Parents should not be vague or even let their children "to think for themselves." Parents should not give "way out", child correction, there is no goal, the effect is not obvious.
Punishment can help the children correct their mistakes with expert tips, this is the law of effect at work in educational psychology. Law of effect that: children "happy accept pains, refused to" to enable the child to continue or to terminate any act, we can do this by reward or punishment. In fact, there are a lot of things are impossible by way of reward to let children meet, as a child intentionally damage, adhere to the "crime against", out of unrealistic demands such as, in this case you must be punished.

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