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Boarding PK day-care parents more choice
Children boarding has been a high profile issue, educationalists, psychologists are mixed.
Psychologist Bowlby "attachment theory" impact, "the best kindergarten than a bad mother" has become the consensus of the West. Spitz, a psychologist for the orphanage children development research, further evidence of "maternal deprivation" extremely prejudicial to physical and mental development of infants. In addition, the famous psychologist Eriksson stated in his theory of personality development, 0~2sui child in trust to establish the critical period, if the child was forced to leave his mother, to go to a strange environment are prone to distrust, and this affects their interpersonal, and can lead to mental disorders.
Both traditional attachment theory and is currently a large number of psychological experiments show that infants healthy, positive attachment relationships help children form healthy personality in the future, good social skills and sound of bad attachment get in the way of personality, child prone to psychological problems in adulthood. Therefore, abroad apart from the former Soviet Union and Israel has a small boarding establishments, is hard to find the traces of other countries. In China, since the last century 40 Soong Ching ling in Shanghai after the first boarding kindergartens, boarding education as a special form of collective education increasingly familiar to people and accept. Today, the boarding education for children is a booming trend in China shows its strong vitality, more and more parents are in favor of sending children into boarding institutions, many boarding kindergartens, even admissions full situations. So, what are the pros and cons of child daycare boarding kindergarten?
We did some research shows, children's nursery after boarding, the following points are more significant:
Self-care ability. Boarding kindergartens, including clothing, fold, washing, eating and other daily life, things have to have children themselves, so child care capacity is relatively strong. Spoil away from the parents, children reduce the dependence on independence and autonomy increased.
Strong cooperation ability. Boarding children living in children of the same age group for a long time, and have more opportunities to get along well with my friends, so they compared with the day care children are more able to care for the collective, working with others.
Not fragile. Boarding children live in groups, enjoy equal treatment with other children, without special, to make up for the excessive indulgence of the family problems arising from the pampered.
But the survey also found that kindergarten boarding kindergarten children are some of the following issues:
Easy psychological tension. Boarding their children, particularly the introverted child, showed anxiety, loneliness, anxiety for a long time, and some children also often exported food, nocturnal enuresis, biting, sucking fingers, biting quilts and other problem behaviors. Many children in and near the Park, when sentiment was unstable.
Small amount of words, language lacks. Day care children back home, parents and their dialogue. And less and adults communicate with boarding, can only communicate with children of the same age in kindergarten. Adult language rich, child is exposed can unknowingly mastered many words, boarding children apparent lack of such opportunities, and speaking ability is relatively poor, rich in language.

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