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Children's specialist interests are key
Most homes now have only one child, parents are pushy and ambitions into a Phoenix, spared no expense to allow children to learn skills, cultural lessons, in fact, not all projects are suitable for children. Reporters interviewed many people, in the hope that parents choose for their kids specialty, better prepare our children to have a little help.
-Student-University of Zhou Yi smiling second grade of primary school age do not have a lot of little girls young, no small burden, reported over the weekend of 5 classes. English, math, expression, and dance, and one does not know how to write. Arranged a full two days of the weekend.
Asked her if she was not all classes are your interests? Little head shake and rattle-like: "I really love to write essays expressing class teacher asked us to write a composition every week, and I'm sick. Other classes are quite happy, playing, idle is idle. "Mother smile at small game of the week demand is high, also intends to give her a painting class, said first semester, like it or not. Her classmate Zeng Yafan said: "you didn't like it, don't learn, and your MOM grinding, said painting is too boring, we change another one. I wear with my mom, I don't like the English, my mother gave me back! "
-Parent-daughter group of himself-Mr Tang Tang daughter a year and a half and love are white-collar workers, usually very busy with work, but the work no matter how busy, a fixture of the task, that is every weekend to take my daughter to preschool education centre classes. Little girls athletic 1 and half years old, now has three classes of older students. Now Mr Tang reported her daughter had two classes, a children's class, there's a music class. Originally reported to the child class, designed to want their children as soon as possible contact with the children of the same age, avoid eccentric habit of now is an only child, good for future kindergarten.
Tuition is expensive, but watching her daughter happy and children playing with toys of the same age, listening to music, watching the teachers how to teach "naïve" little daughter to increase intelligence, Mr Tang was very pleased. He said: "last call children coax, crying child has to stop, now baby is to educate children. 0-3 was the fastest in the developing brain of children when is the good time to strengthen education, children crying in the past knew only to coax, now look through the class teacher to guide your child to play with toys, play games, listen to music, children see their own way is a lot more than in the past. "
-Celebrity court-Ju Ping CCTV's famous children's show host a wide range of specialist children's interests particularly extensive, what strengths, not playing, dancing, the technical requirements of the specialist. I would have bought a piano at home, but no told sons before him, just have time to practise, and want their children exposed to interest. Unfortunately, son and now I can't play, because he felt that it should not be the thing for him to do. My friend's daughter more special interests, she likes archaeology, love to watch professional journals in this area, watching of the treasure, goals for the future is the archaeological Department of Peking University, which is long. As long as the child is interested, like the health activities can be developed into expertise.

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