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Ingenious use of tone when the children method
Parents parenting often ineffective and helpless, no matter if you talk to convince or shout a command child completely ignore. Don't know if you want to, it's a way of education? If often do wrong children raised their voices to reprimand, not only fails to effect, but adverse impact on growth of a child's personality and mental health.
Psychologists to express what the tone of what is studied and found the same thing, different tone will have a different effect, criticize the child, with low tones are more likely to accept. This is because:
1, low tone can make rational, calm, and also can make the child conflict, rebellious psychological defense line relaxation, conducive to communication.
Criticism to flow 2, children can focus on each other not only listening, but also pre-emptive, not allowing children to use a high tone. Life often see adults loudly scolding her child children voice their opposition is not low, feeling more and more excited, finally provoked the adults fed, children are unconvinced.
3, low tones can drive away angry. Parents in child life, teaching at the teacher for the longest, biggest influence on children, he tempered, not cool, open rant's parents definitely have subtle effects on a child's character.
Advises parents to talk to children, do the following:
1, using the correct tone and wording. For many parents, control myself not to criticize the child is difficult, so please think twice before you speak, using appropriate tone and language, the effect will be very good. For example, "I'm in love with you, but your behaviour is unacceptable", this preliminary hearing was hard, but after a while, children naturally will understand what you mean.
2, expect your child to be required to explain them. Take the kids shopping and told him not to move goods, and warned that what will be the consequences of the violation. You have to follow through from start to finish, no loud threats.
3, don't damage kids self-esteem used language to minimize criticism of the child.

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