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Help young mother solved six pressure
In the process of bringing up children, young mothers paid a certain amount of mental and physical strength, but also gain unmatched sweet feelings. But they often have some obscure "knot", and how they should deal with these problems?
(A) the child is often sick, mother tired children are sick most young mothers the greatest pressure. Children do not live in a vacuum, the developing immune system is not yet perfect, naturally affected by a variety of bacteria and virus attacks. When a child is sick, my mother must have steady and calm attitude to deal with, don't panic, ill children is very sensitive, MOM's bad mood will also enable children to be "infected", thus affecting the recovery from disease.
1. keep children away from bacteria. Many diseases can be prevented in children, so the mother it is necessary to learn about the medical knowledge, in some diseases of high season, take precautions, such as during the epidemic period, do not take their children to public places, air disinfection with vinegar.
Frequent hand washing is an important measure for disease prevention, mother to give the child the habit of washing his hands, and wash your hands after going to the toilet, wash hands after touching animals, and so on, the formation of good habits, and helps children set up to prevent bacterial invasion of the "barrier".
2. strengthening training, enhanced physique. We all know that exercise activates the body's immune factors, improving brain cell activity, enhance the body's metabolism functions discharged human metabolic toxins, promote coordination among the various organs and activities.
3. make friends with their pediatrician, if you have a pediatrician Friend, MOM does not have to be a child when you have a fever or other symptoms, immediately the whole family went to the hospital, you can consult a pediatrician on the phone, send their children to the hospital when necessary.
(B) hard to balance career and family, sometimes feel quite young mother not only to develop in her career, also take into account the household and educating children, wanted to be a perfect mother may be difficult, so be a good MOM!
1. pass to love children. Hugging with their eyes or body language to communicate with children, your child will feel your love, and sense of security.
2. responsibilities and obligations. If you feel overwhelmed, then, may wish to LINE UP the things you have to bear, and to make the necessary choices. For example, let nanny or a maid doing the chores, giving up things that are not important for the party, make time to do the child's Playmate. Even if not much time you can give a child, or to guarantee a certain quality of "family time", communication and interaction with the child.
3. learn to relax. Such as breathe deeply and extension movements, leaning against the Chair, stretching, or having a hot bath. When stimulated with fingers on the Palm Dr points (located in the Palms) can remove the body material fatigue.
(Three) tired, and weak, and body in Asia health state with life and work rhythm of speed up, competition increasingly fierce, young mother both constantly to learning new knowledge, and in education and care children aspects pay many energy, some originally body weak of mother in overload of "running" in the, unknowingly into has Asia health state, appeared depressed, and insomnia more dream, and sleepy, and attention not concentrated, and memory decrease, and waist acid back pain, phenomenon.

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