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for some tough, recalcitrant children, some parents like to use intimidation as a means of solving irrational crying children's education, children are scared to be honest, natural or presumptuous demands. 

people are born with instincts of fear, this instinct is the unknown world of people cannot control a defensive mechanism of automatic protection. In order to protect themselves from harm, people will give in to your fear. And kids have a character, he thinks the image and real image you see in the picture, is "true". "Bad old man", "night owl", "old kidnapers" are real. So the children into submission is not a man's will, but his heart with fear. Often used intimidation as a means of education parents should fully understand and reflect on the harm. 

for a child, the outside world is broad, wonderful, attractive, to which he is actively involved in, and to know more about it, control it, so that he could get more free and fun. Fear, the child will lose to explore the outside world interest, severing children stretched to have attractive tentacles with the outside world. Over time, the cognitive development of children is very bad. Fear may also make the children feel that the outside world is unsafe, a terrible, insecure people are hard to have positive emotions and a healthy body and mind, but no independence of children to adults they handcuffed for some racetrack children, parents do better: 

1. try to explain the truth, clear your position. Children will read in the word of parents not to do something strong, if parents dealing with similar issues in the future to adhere to the same way, the children will understand their vexatious is useless. 

2. the use of "cold treatment". Temporarily ignoring children's unreasonable demands, take your concerns to him. Children reflect on their own behavior in the cold treatment, child care and emotional contact between the parents and other close adults, if he realized his vexatious is not welcomed by the Lord, he will be convergent. Of course, in the "cold treatment", or to reason with the child, because it led him to one's own awareness of, clear views to him. 

child is actually a mirror of the adult, in him, we can see how they treat others. So, when the conflict occurred in adults and children, and parents should use their child's love and intellect to help children to develop good habits. For parents, there is nothing better than to see their children independence, happiness, health, sensible things, and always had an intense interest in the more important! 

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