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To you, my heart--parents and children did not undo the knot
This is a single mother, premature dyed frosted hair and eyes covered with wrinkles can feel the heavy pressure of her life. However, is making it difficult for her to endure, and her daughter grew further and further away from her, mother and daughter have not speak my mind for a long time. Recently, a letter from the daughter she knows and how deep is the daughter of misunderstanding. --Mother of the daughter's letter is written like this, you know, ever since dad left us three years ago, your mood is not good, the past few years I have been living in the shadow of a huge, your every word, is very, very sharp pain in my heart, let me catch my breath.
You have been saying to me: "your father's dead, he does not want us. If you can't go to College, you have nothing, you will go to hell. "Do you know, when you call me like that, I really wanted to die. I want to use death to tell you, I am your daughter, but I'm human, I have my pride.
MOM, I know you and I eat a lot. When in childbirth almost died giving birth to me, raised me before your body would also be down. Because of his poor health, and you and Daddy's relationship has become increasingly strained, and finally dad left us. Dad and I know divorce makes you suffered a big blow, I know you think this is all my sins. MOM, you don't know how much I want you to be happy, I really hope that you can be happy, even if it paid any price.
Mother, mother and daughter heart will one day the same, will it? MOM, can we understand each other now? I don't know if I can wait until this day.
Read her daughter's letter, the mother cried all night, she really didn't think daughter grow up over night; fancy, hard brought kids, he had nothing in her heart. But she also wants to told daughter, she dad abandon she is a girl, had wants to put she sent go, is mother of strongly, daughter only left, also for yihou divorce left has fuse; mother drag with causative agent every day to do part-time, save each points money wants to with future for she make tuition, just hope in himself left this world Hou, daughter can to skills good of life; mother sometimes mood bad, talk heavy is, sometimes also will playing she. To play on her, Mama do you good? what MOM doesn't hurt boy!
After that night, mother and daughter talked calmly again. After all, blood is thicker than water, at any rate, they are both relatives of Fang Weiyi, no misunderstanding cannot be removed.
I wish all parents and children often sit down to talk about, to your heart, my heart, each other to think about, no matter who finds that life, he is so inseparable from each other.

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