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Parents influence children in front of mirror
Character profiles: Meng qingpeng, Shenyang North-school teacher, national secondary counselor. Teach in 15, won the title of backbone teachers in Shenyang city, the Professor of the course of ideological and moral education by the provincial excellent courses.
"Parents are a mirror of the child", Meng qingpeng found teachers in teaching practice, mostly parents of the child who lies out. She told reporters about the true story of a child.
One afternoon, a parent in a huff arrived at the school, in the presence of teachers and students, beating his son, children grin with pain, but not a tear. It turned out that children's stepmother gave him 10 Yuan to buy movie tickets, should get back 3, children have no time to pay back, and relationship with the stepmother is recently. In the eyes of the father, the son is incorrigible, not home after school Internet access, and fight, lie ... ... However, after a careful understanding of teachers found that the children had lost their mother and father all day playing mahjong, son no matter what don't ask, children were often not having breakfast, back home, the father often beat him for no reason.
When the teacher during the dialogue with the father, he said confidently: "the children will have to make, that he has no memory! "
Meng qingpeng speech: now, when parents in the education of their children, tend to go to extremes, either loved and pampered or, simply, slightly unpleasant kicking. In fact, child is a leaf of paper white, considered essential to parents. Child is not a problem, a problem may be just what parents and teachers.

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